Disney 2022

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Our trip to Florida is fast approaching; please review the items below and finish submitting payments (about 7 participant have a payment to make) and forms before we depart on May 31st. The final itinerary is attached to this page. An itinerary shows all information about where the students will be at any given time during the trip.

Emergency Medical Form:
The emergency medical form should be submitted to Mr. Twigg when students check-in Monday, May 30th. It is helpful to also have a photocopy of your family insurance card in the unlikely event your child must receive medical treatment on our trip.

Over the counter medicine:
Please submit a copy of the over-the-counter medication form from Parkway. You may have already submitted the form to the school in the past, but did you include motion sickness medication like Dramamine or any other OTC medications like Allergy relief?

Thursday, May 26th 5-7PM Students Practice for Disney
Thursday, May 26th 6:30PM Disney Chaperone Meeting
Friday, May 27th 9-11AM Students Practice for Disney
Monday, May 30th 8AM, 12noon Luggage drop-off, forms submitted
*luggage can be dropped off when students come in on Monday or for 1/2 hour after the busses return from Memorial Day parades

*You are not required to include student social security number on the medical form.